Pitchin’ In


Chef Lynn travels to far-flung locations, doing whatever it takes to get at the best, freshest ingredients in the world, even if it means putting herself at risk. Throughout her journey, she’ll take on any challenge, relying on locals to show her how it’s done. It’s a dirty job, but Chef Lynn is dying to do it!

Great Canadian Cookbook

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Canada is an exceptionally delicious place, with our rich culinary diversity and the amazing ingredients from coast to coast. That’s why we’re going to celebrate Canada and our food – from the cooks at home keeping family traditions alive, to the makers who grow and cultivate Canada’s bounty – with The Great Canadian Cookbook!

Chopped Canada


Join Chef Lynn on the judging panel of Chopped Canada. Food Network’s #1 Canadian original series of the year! What exciting dishes will competitors create under pressure in this high stakes culinary competition show where four chefs from across Canada compete before the panel of expert judges? Chefs race against the clock to turn mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. There’s $10,000 on the line in this cut-throat competition. Who will survive the chopping block?

The Marilyn Denis Show


Chef Lynn is a resident Chef and culinary expert. Hosted by Marilyn Denis and broadcast live before a studio audience, THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW is a daily entertainment and lifestyle talk show featuring Canadian and international celebrities and experts, established and emerging alike. Building on Marilyn Denis connection to her fans, interviews and ideas are delivered with the ease and humour of a conversation with your best girlfriend. Celebrities who have appeared on THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW include Sir Elton John, Bradley Cooper, Shania Twain, Anderson Cooper, Donny & Marie Osmond and many more.

TV Segments


Jamie Oliver And Lynn Crawford Team Up For A Food Revolution

Chefs Lynn Crawford and Jamie Oliver work together to create healthy meals that your kids will Seg4-05192016actually want to eat. Visit my Recipe page for the full recipe.

Chicken Pot Piechicken-pot-pie

Chef Lynn Crawford shares a cozy comfort food recipe
Air date Feb. 08, 2016
Carrot Cake


Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

Chef Lynn Crawford shares a make-ahead meal recipe that the whole family will love


Best of Brunch Recipes

Chef Lynn Crawford inspires us with her delicious meals for a relaxing and decadent mid-morning meal.


Guest Wowing Hors d’Oeuvres

Chef Lynn Crawford makes three fresh finger foods that will have guests pleading for more.


Slow Cooker Recipes for Spring

Chef Lynn Crawford creates multiple chicken dishes with a one pot recipe


Marinades for Steak, Fish and Chicken

Chef Lynn Crawford boosts your kitchen confidence with tricks for mastering flavour packed meats.


Jalapeno Sweet Corn Waffles

Chef Lynn Crawford, shares starch option for your next meal that’s quickly becoming her favourite.


Coconut Chicken Salad

Chef Lynn Crawford puts a contemporary spin on jelly chicken with her Coconut Chicken Salad recipe.


Grand Slam Breakfast Waffle and Pizza Waffle Pocket

Chef Lynn Crawford shows us how to make the most out of our waffle maker with two delicious recipes


Lobster in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Chef Lynn Crawford makes over a typical pasta dish with lobster in a spicy tomato sauce.

Additional Marilyn recipe links & appearances

Air date Feb. 18, 2016
Chef Lynn Crawford’s go-to meal for entertaining

Chef Lynn Crawford shares one of her favourite Italian recipes
Corkscrew Pasta with Tuscan Pesto

Chef Lynn Crawford whips up an easy treat to make in advance.
Make Ahead Blondies

Chef Lynn Crawford shares her modern twist on a classic recipe
Marble Pound Cake